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How To Clean Your Outdoor Fountain Without Chemicals

A copper decorative fountain, a calming water element in your garden or front yard, requires regular maintenance to keep the good energy -- and the clear water -- flowing. In the Asian art of feng shui, water channels wealth and good fortune.  Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, outdoor copper water fountains use submersible water pumps to constantly circulate the water in the fountain, preventing algae buildup and stagnation. Clean your water fountain regularly -- this will keep your fountain beautiful on the outside, like the piece of art it is designed to be!

Pump Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Fountains

Is the water in your outdoor fountain turning green? It may be time to check your pump and remove any algae buildup and debris. Good news, there is an easy, inexpensive solution for you. This chemical-free fountain cleaning method is recommended by Melissa J Will and can be applied to our copper tree fountains

The crucial ingredient in this pump cleaning method is polyester quilt batting. It is very important that you use polyester and NOT COTTON. The quilt batting comes in flat sheets that are the size of a bed cover. Unlike not loose stuffing, it comes in one big piece, often rolled up in a bag. The quilt batting is usually used to create quilts and make comforters poofy on the inside. This polyester material will be used as a filter for the water as it will clean all of the muck that is making your water green. You can find the quilt batting here

Make your water fountain last with proper maintenance and upkeep. Continue reading..

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