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Malibu, CA, 90265

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Amazing works of art. I cannot decide which piece I want to complement a landscaping design I’m working on. The blown glass Halcyon Flowers are so beautiful with their copper leaves... The way they look and the relaxing way they sound due to the fountain and constant motion of water. And the beautiful Water Willow is so beautiful as well. Working with Malibu Fountains has been wonderful and simply MY pleasure.
— Mrs. M. Short
Malibu Fountains makes absolutely beautiful products. We build custom Homes and work closely with Landscape Architects when designing outdoor spaces. The tree fountains are calming in addition to being beautiful. We recommend the products. As a side note, Lisa Christie Atkin, one of the owners is enthusiastic, passionate and a pleasure to work with.
— Smith Brothers
Our Malibu Fountain is simply amazing. They did a superb job of answering all my questions, following up and making the whole experience enjoyable.

The faerie fountain is exhibited in a central key display in our outdoor pool area and is the perfect edition to an already stunning hardscape.
— Dr. Wayne Anderson