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Custom Fountains for Professionals

Trade Discount On Custom Fountains and Water Features

We love partnering with design professionals on creating the perfect water feature for their clients' space! We recognize the value of professionals and the amount of effort that goes into creating a backyard, front lawn, garden, or commercial outdoor space.

The Design Professional Program at MalibuFountains provides personalized service and an exclusive landscape designer discount to qualified industry professionals. Landscape designers, interior decorators, designers, architects, contractors, and members of professional staging organizations and set decorators enjoy a 10% discount on full-price items.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all fountains and water features to professional members of the design community. Please contact us to discuss your project, so we may lend our fountain expertise to bringing your client's vision to life!


Custom Fountains for Landscaping & Design Professionals

Malibu Fountains provides custom fountains for professional landscapers and designers who need to design outdoor spaces for clients. Everyone knows that it’s hard to beat a water feature when it comes to tying a design together, or creating a suitable mood for the space. A water fountain can give an unremarkable yard a new purpose as a meditative garden retreat, through the soothing sound and mesmerizing flow of running water. An outdoor fountain added to a yard, plaza, or courtyard can make a commanding focal point. At Malibu Fountains, our pieces are bold and beautiful. Our signature work is called the Copper Tree Fountain, which comes in over ten varieties, all handcrafted architectural and landscape sculptures that have inspired landscape designers, architects, and commercial and residential building owners alike.

Creating a Focal Point

In garden design, a focal point is an element used to coordinate the overall design and tie everything together. If you imagine a garden with no focal point, whether it is big or small, it will appear as simply a swathe of plants with no unifying feature. Without a focus, it is difficult to take in the garden as a whole and appreciate it. It can be swiftly passed over, which would be a terrible shame considering the work that has gone into it. A strong focal point will do three things. It will establish the point from which the eye ‘starts’— the first place to look at in the garden.  Secondly, it will amplify the effects of the surroundings. Finally, it will inspire. The focal point’s attention will allow the eye to progress to other elements of the garden, flavoring the interpretation of those other elements depending on how the focal point is perceived. For example, a garden may be interpreted differently if the focal point is a white stone statue of a nymph, compared to an ornate pagoda-style birdhouse.

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Garden Fountain Design Ideas

When you’re choosing a fountain for your client’s space, there are a significant number of factors to consider. What is the style of the space you are designing? Is it indoors or outdoors? Will it have easy access to a source of electricity in order to power the water pump? How will the weather and lighting affect the way in which the space is seen? Should the fountain be merely an accent, or a proud centerpiece? You should ensure that whatever you choose is proportionate. A modest, small fountain is rarely sufficient to operate as a centerpiece, unless the space itself is also bijou. Similarly, an oversized fountain in a small garden space will often seem overbearing. You don’t want it to block the sunlight for any plants that are trying to grow and take on the space you need them to. Make sure also to ask, on behalf of your client, how much maintenance the fountain will require in order to operate smoothly, and the level of noise it will produce. You may want to explore the options for different types of fountain: mounted, standing, and custom wall fountains. Above all, check the equipment needed to operate any fountain added to your client’s space, and how it will be maintained.

Professional Fountain Design

It’s likely that you have seen a lot of fountains and other water features that didn’t quite satisfy your requirements for the project. You may have ideas of your own. Luckily for you, Malibu Fountains are specialists in custom water feature design. Custom fountains can transform your outdoor space. Malibu Fountains can create something highly unique to suit your client’s needs, when the ‘prêt-à-porter’ tier fountains other providers offer don’t quite measure up to what you imagine for the space. Landscape architects and those who work on the design, development, and installation of corporate art spaces are likelier than most to have specific visions for what they want a fountain to add to the overall aesthetic. Trust in the ability and customer service credentials of a company which has not only exhibited in Las Vegas, Singapore, Shanghai, and Doha, but walked away with awards from the Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows in London.


What is the best size for my fountain?

Whatever fits your landscape space effectively. Our largest pieces, the Copper Tree Fountains, can reach a scale of between 16 and 20 feet. If you need assistance with selecting the optimal fountain for the space you are designing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long does the installation take?

Most of our water features will require a day or less in terms of installation. There will be minimal to no damage to your lawn. Sometimes our larger water fountains can take two or three days.

Does the fountain need to be winterized?

In Malibu we don’t really need to worry about winterizing our fountains. We recognize that not everyone is as lucky.

  • In areas where prolonged below-freezing temperatures (1 week+) occur, the water pump should be disconnected from the manifold. Use the pump to pump out the majority of the water from the reservoir. Then bring the pump inside for the rest of the season.

  • In areas with milder winters, fill your reservoir completely with water, and keep the fountain operating. The continued water flow should ensure that the reservoir cannot freeze to the extent that it affects the pump.

It’s worth remembering that when ice forms on your fountain, that means the frozen water is not returning to the reservoir. If the water level in the reservoir gets too low (i.e. near the pump’s inlet), then it may damage the pump.

Do your Copper Tree Fountains develop a patina?

Copper is a ‘living’ metal. It changes color as it oxidizes, like the Statue of Liberty, which was originally bronze and changed to its current sea-green color after some time. The environment in which the fountain is located will affect the changes that the copper undergoes. Malibu Fountains can advise on how to choose a fountain that will work with your outdoor space with regards to patina. Avoid the guesswork of fountain selection and landscape planning and work with our team of experts.

Will splashing be an issue for your fountains installed indoors?

An understandable concern. Our fountains’ flow can be adjusted to avoid splashing and keep the water inside the fountain’s basin.

What maintenance do your fountains require?

Excellent question. The Copper Tree Fountain is very low-maintenance. Ensure that the water level is always several inches clear of the pump and filter. The fine mesh filter it is provided with should be scrubbed clean, to ensure that algae doesn’t accumulate on it. Skim the pool regularly to prevent algae and debris from clogging the pump. If you use an underground reservoir, this will be much less of an issue.

How do my clients keep the fountain pond clean?

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining outdoor fountains without hard chemicals, you have a few options. Algae growth in a fountain pond can be prevented by having it installed in a shady area, with minimal exposure to light. Basic maintenance and use of a natural algaecide can keep the growth to a minimum. Wiping the inside of the fountain basin can suffice for smaller issues, but for more extensive problems, it will be necessary to unplug the fountain’s filter, empty the water from the fountain, and scrub the basin with a mild dish detergent and hot water.

How long does the construction process and delivery take?

This time varies depending on the nature of the project. If it’s one of our standard models, 10-12 weeks is a typical timeline for construction and delivery. For custom or bespoke jobs, we will keep you informed on the details as we put together construction documents, create new molds and all the necessary touches to ensure your unique fountain can be built to our exacting standards. Malibu Fountains can ship anywhere in the world.

How much will the installation of the fountain cost?

Installation can be handled relatively simply and easily. If you would prefer a specialist to set up the fountain, that cost can vary from $1,000-$10,000+. On average, the installation cost runs to $3,500.

Choose Malibu Fountains for a Unique Design Piece

There’s nothing better than a water fountain to elevate a garden or other space. Malibu Fountains’ distinctive, award-winning natural designs can make a significant contribution to the atmosphere a landscaper or architect with vision is endeavoring to create. We are always excited to work with others who take an aesthetic approach to landscape or interior design that complements ours. Give your next design the class and distinction only a Malibu Fountain centerpiece can provide.