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The soothing sound of water has long been observed to have beneficial effects on mental and physical health. It’s just one reason why water features have been prized for so long throughout history, from the Imperial Gardens of Heian Japan to the opulent Water Theatre Grove of Versailles. It is a rare garden that is complete without a water fountain or other water feature. You may have looked at the ‘off-the-rack’ outdoor fountains other water feature designers and garden stores had to offer and been uninspired. At Malibu Fountains, we understand this feeling. Your personal outdoor space is a crucial aspect of your home. It needs to both convey elegance and tranquility to the world as the focal point of your garden, while functioning as connective tissue between yourself and nature. It’s not the sort of thing you can easily capture with a stainless steel bird bath fountain with LED lights. Instead, Malibu Fountains goes the extra mile.

Custom Water Features

Malibu Fountains designs and supplies stunning copper and glass water features. Our pieces will transform your space from a pleasant garden to a contemplative natural sanctum. Our custom fountains are handcrafted to portray nature’s beauty and serenity. Enjoy the unique and relaxing water walls formed by our expertly-designed copper tree fountains. These tiered fountains use painstakingly sculpted leaf work to provide a distinct twist on the concept of a waterfall fountain. Or marvel at the color and delicate charm of our glass flower fountains. Our fountains have been exhibited at establishments in Las Vegas, Singapore, Shanghai, and Doha, and won awards at the world-famous Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows in London. They could bring that same class and distinction to your home or establishment.