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Outdoor Fountain FAQ

Custom Water Feature and Fountain Pricing Details

What is the cost of each copper water fountain or glass water feature?

Each water feature varies in price. Fill out our "Contact Us" form and tell us about your project, budget and favored water features. One of our team members will quickly help you navigate the pricing of each copper or glass water feature and find the best water feature for you.

What is the installation cost for my project?

Installation is relatively simple and easy, but if you prefer to hire a professional to set up your new copper water fountain, the installed cost of a water feature will range from $1,000 to $10,000+. The average professional water feature installation is around $3500 depending on the type of feature and size you choose.


How To Buy Our Custom Made Fountains Online

How do I place an order?

You can place an order online by clicking on the "Order Here" button under the fountain of your choice, leading you to our Order page. Alternatively, use the "Contact Us" form describing your project and the designs you're interested in. One of our team members will follow-up as soon as possible. All projects, including custom bespoke projects will be invoiced directly from the company.

All standard orders require 100% payment at the time of invoice.

Custom/Bespoke Projects require 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept all the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover Card) as well as PayPal.


Selecting The Optimal Fountain Size

What size is best?

Whatever fits into your landscape space, we offer many sizes of Copper Tree Fountains and can customize a tree fountain to your requirements. The Japanese Copper Tree Fountain and the Water Willow Copper Tree Fountain are our most diminutive size, fitting best in a courtyard, patio or small garden. Our large Copper Tree Fountains can reach up to 16-20ft and accordingly need a large space to accommodate it’s size.


Custom Fountain or Water Feature Installation Time

How long does it take for installation?

Most water features can be installed in one day or less with minimal or no damage to your lawn. Some larger water fountains features may take two or three days. Consult with your local contractor for specific details on your project.


Winterize Your Water Feature

Do I need to winterize my water feature?

As winter approaches, we receive many calls asking about protecting our garden fountains in the freezing weather. The steps necessary to protect the copper tree fountain vary slightly, depending on temperatures and severity of weather in your area.


 For Areas Where Temperatures Are Below Freezing for Extended Periods (1 week or longer):
The best way to ensure protection of your copper tree fountain is to disconnect the pump from the manifold (the PVC piece with the water flow control valves). Then use the pump to pump out the majority of water from the reservoir. Once this has been done, bring the pump inside for the remainder of the season.

 For Areas With Mild Winters (Occasional Temperatures Below Freezing):
If you’re in an area where temperatures only occasionally drop slightly below freezing (and do not stay below freezing for more than 1 week), fill your reservoir completely with water, and keep the fountain running. By maintaining water flow, the water in the reservoir will usually not freeze deep enough to affect the pump. Again, this is only suggested when temperatures are not expected to be much below freezing, and not for longer than 1 week.

Note: Any time your  tree fountain is running, and the temperature is below freezing, ice will form on your fountain (as seen in the image).  However if ice is forming, then the frozen water is not returning to the reservoir. So, it’s important to check the water level in the reservoir often! If the water level gets too low (near the pump’s inlet), damage to the pump could result.



What Maintenance is Required?

Very minimal maintenance is required for the Copper Tree Fountain. Make sure the water level is always several inches over the pump and filter. The custom stainless steel fine mesh filter provided should be scrubbed clean every few months to clear accumulation of any algae that collects on the filter. Skimming the pool regularly will keep build up of algae and debris from clogging the pump. Using an underground reservoir will minimize this issue.

Will My Copper Tree Fountain Acquire a Blue/Green Patina?


The formation of patina on copper occurs when oxygen in the air interacts with the metal atoms in the presence of water. Copper tree fountains provide elegant beauty because copper is a “living” metal, meaning it changes color over time. Copper stands out among other decorative metals because the in situ environment (your home, courtyard, or front yard) affect the changes that copper undergoes over time. When it comes to patinas on your copper tree fountain, our staff can advise you on how to select a fountain that is perfectly suited and unique to your outdoor space. Our expert team will walk you through the process and options, taking the guesswork out of fountain selection and landscape planning.

How Do I Keep My Fountain Pond Clean? How Do I Get Rid of Algae?

Algae growth can dampen the appearance and enjoyment of your outdoor fountain. Algae grows naturally when debris and contaminants in the water combine with light to make a welcoming environment for algae. The algae, in addition to its unsightly appearance, can eventually clog the fountain's filter. To prevent algae, you can minimize your fountain’s exposure to light. Install your fountain in a shady area when possible. If algae is a problem, a little cleaning and maintenance along with a natural algaecide for fountains can help get the unwanted green growth under control. In some cases, you can simply wipe the algae from the inside the fountain basin. If your algae problem is more extensive, you may need to do a deep clean. Unplug the fountain's filter, and set it aside. Empty the water from the fountain. Scrub the fountain basin with hot, soapy water made with a mild dish detergent. Learn more about algae prevention and fountain maintenance tips.


Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take orders to process and ship?

We make every effort to deliver your orders quickly and efficiently.  Most fountains will take about 10-12 weeks from start of creation to doorstep delivery.

Custom/Bespoke Projects:  We will walk you through the timeline from commission to shipping to installation.

Where do you ship to?

Malibu Fountains will ship anywhere in the world.


Privacy & Security

How secure is shopping online? Is my data protected?

Your privacy is one of our top priorities and your personal information is only collected in order for us to process orders. We will not rent, sell or share any of your information with any other companies or third parties. We do not handle any sensitive financial data on our server and your financial information will never be saved in our system. We may send a small file to your computer when you visit our website. This will enable us to identify your computer, track your behavior on our website and to identify your particular areas of interest so as to enhance your future visits to this website. We may use cookies to collect and store personal data and we link information stored by cookies with personal data you supply to us. Save for the use of cookies, we do not automatically log data or collect data save for information you specifically provide to us.


Returns & Replacements

Can I return or exchange my item if I'm not satisfied?

Due to the custom nature of each order, all sales are final unless it arrives damaged.