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Weeping Willow Tree Fountain

Weeping Willow

The willow tree figures in mythology and literature as a symbol of the moon, water, grief, healing and everlasting life. These themes refer to the willow's propensity to grow near a source of water, which can be an underground spring or stream. Its reputation as a healer was enhanced by the fact that salicylic acid, an ingredient in aspirin, comes from the bark of the willow tree.

The Weeping Willow is a water feature, a sculpture, and fountain that takes one's breath away. Huge and realistic, shimmering copper leaves in abundance, this water fountain is a stunner. Lit from beneath at night, it is even more magical! A centerpiece within the garden or large indoor space it is a focal point that will give any setting a unique and artistic finishing touch. The Copper and Bronze of the leaves and trunk will have the years take on a most beautiful patina, aging as if were a real tree. Please see the weeping willow tree fountain photos below to observe the change in color over the years. The photos of this tree fountain were taken in an English garden and the bluish-green patina was acquired over the last five years.


Height: 12 ft  4 in

Width:  7 ft 10 in

Pond size should be 13' (400cm) in diameter.

Item Includes:

  • 2 1800 Gph pumps

  • Custom made fine mesh stainless steel filter bag

Delivery Time: 10-12 weeks

Price: 35,000.00 *Shipping not included