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Oberon Tree Fountain

Oberon Copper Tree Fountain

Oberon is a long, sweeping tree branch fountain that comes alive with sound of gently cascading droplets from it’s leaves. . The hand cut copper leaves adorn the gentle sweep of this exquisite water feature's bowed branches, lending grace and beauty to any setting and is one of our most unique garden fountains.

Handcrafted in England.

Height: 43 inches

Length: 7’9” length x 4’2”

Item Includes:

  • Pump

  • Filter Bag

  • Installation Manual

Delivery Time:  10-12 weeks

Price: $9.200 *Shipping not included

Sweeping Maple Fountain

Sweeping Maple Copper Tree Branch Fountain

Looking for a unique tree fountain to create a beautiful focal point for your garden? Each water fountain from Malibu Fountains has been inspired by something seen along walks through woods or gardens,  The bowed bronze trunk of the water fountain, sweeps down in a graceful bow as if it were leaning into burbling stream.  The flat lying maple leaves glint in the sunlight as the water gently cascades into the pool below. This water feature/sculpture looks equally mesmerizing as a focal point in dry-scape setting where it can be nestled into a pebble or cobble stone bed and the water flows into an underground reservoir.

See our gallery for video of the Sweeping Maple.

The Sweeping Maple  requires a minimum pond size 40 in (width) x 65 in(length) with a minimum depth of 6 in to contain it.

Height:  3 ft.

Width:  3ft. 8 in.

Length:  5 ft.

Weight:  145 lbs. (including concrete base)

Item Includes:

  • 800 Gph pump

  • Custom made fine mesh stainless steel filter bag

Delivery Time:  10-12 weeks

Price: $6,460.00 *Shipping not included