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Luna Tree Fountain


Our favorite sculpture/water feature is the Luna. The shape is so striking, and the cascade from its many leaved tiers excites the senses in such a pleasing way. As a centerpiece in a large garden or corporate entity, this fountain truly commands the space. The time and painstaking attention to detail that is the Luna Fountain is quite astounding. Every leaf is cut and formed by hand, hundreds of small leaves layered over each other in a bonsai tree effect. The trunk of tree fountain is hand formed in bronze and will patina into the most lovely shades of turquoise and green.  Incorporating the teachings of Feng Shui for home or business is a common practice and a water feature is considered a must.  Any of our Malibu Fountains would provide a much desired aspect to a well designed, happy chi energized space.

Height: 86 inches or 7ft (can be customized when ordered)

Item Includes:

  • 1800 Gph pump

  • Custom made fine mesh stainless steel filter bag

Delivery Time:  10-12 weeks

Price: 17,800.00