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Escondido Tree Fountain

Escondido Fountain

The Escondido Copper Tree Fountain is a mid-sized water fountain with oak shaped leaves and graceful spreading branches. Every tree fountain is a unique piece of sculpture that is set apart by the fact that it is also an exquisite water feature that is unlike any other in the water fountain or water feature in the marketplace. The copper tree fountains are painstakingly crafted, with every leaf, on every fountain, cut by hand and the piping of the water through the branches engineered precisely to mimic the musical sound of gentle rain cascading off the leaves. The water fountains look beautiful not only situated in a pool or pond, but also in a landscape mindful of water use, where it can be placed atop river stones hiding an underground reservoir.

Height: 8ft

Item Includes:

  • 1800 Gph pump

  • Custom made fine mesh stainless steel filter bag

Delivery Time: 10-12 weeks

Price: $8,700 *Shipping not included